My Honor Quest is Your investment opportunity

Here is a unique opportunity for those concerned with Liberty and Economic Freedom in Texas, and in America, to give back or pay it forward. Return on Investment will come from either:

(A) The payment of a Judgment debt due from the State of Texas. Established by a Final Judgment to be not less than one million five hundred ninety three thousand dollars ($1,593,000); Or,

(B) From the Sale of, or royalties from, a film. The film will tell this Citizens story and document this Citizens attempts to secure Honor from Texas Legislators in the upcoming session, January – May 2019. 

(C) MOST IMPORTANTLY will be the intangible return of inestimable value. “inestimable value” is the value the founders of law placed on the Rights they declared in 1836, as ours, and died at the Alamo in defense of. In return for your investment will be the advancement of the cause of LIBERTY.

WHAT IS LIBERTY? It is the Right of the individual to have Law protect them from the Sovereign people of Texas sitting on a jury. Socrates and Jesus were convicted by a jury of their peers. Written Law was created to save you and I from that fate. The government represents the Sovereign people of Texas; Therefore, Liberty is the Right to have Law protect YOU, the Individual, from a jury and from government. Protection does not exist if the government can violate the law without even the cost of restitution for actual economic damages. If the government can deprive me of liberty today, then it can deprive you of liberty tomorrow. Your investment may prevent this from happening TO YOU! Or, it may insure you will have restitution if you become their next victim.


For 25 years this Citizen has been subjected to a horrendous ordeal at the hands of the government of Texas (‘The STATE’). An ordeal that began with the theft of his property by the State, followed by subjection to public scorn, and then wrongfully imprisoned. But it did not end there. It has yet to end. Exonerated by the highest court in Texas he has since been subjected to Obstruction of Justice.  This will be documented in the film. Malfeasance by some in the Judiciary will be exposed. They  used their position of public trust to Cover-Up the unlawful acts of State Actors employed as local prosecutors, and later by those employed in the Office of the Attorney General. Rather than do their duty to hold them them accountable to the law they joined in violating the law to protect fellow government employees. They will be exposed. The obstruction of justice by all who have violated the public trust will be clearly revealed.

Both physical and mental torture has been imposed upon this Citizen by the enemies of Liberty and Constitutional Rule. These miscreants and traitors have evaded accountability for their crimes by blaming the victim. Even after the Ruling of Innocence by our Highest Court they have ignored their professional duty to accept the ruling. They slandered this citizen by asserting his innocence remained in question after he had proved his innocence in prior adjudications in both criminal and civil courts. They interfered with the legislative process to thwart the appropriation for the payment of the Final Judgment he obtained. A clear obstruction of Justice.

In truth, there was only one real Question at issue. A question of their honor. The Innocence of this Citizen was obvious from the very beginning of this ordeal. For 25 years this Citizen has begged and pleaded for all State actors that have been ever been involved, or come into contact with the ordeal, to honor their Oath of Office. He has begged and pleaded for the Liberty and Justice that is his birthright. Rights the Founders of Law on this Land made a blood sacrifice to secure for him, and all his fellow Citizens, in the declarations of Organic Law and the Constitutions that followed.  At question has been, and continues to be, the honor of each of them. A question of whether or not the hands of the State would honor their Oath of Office or close ranks with, and cover, or continue to cover, for the malfeasance of government actors. The film will show how some chose to act without regard to the damage cause to this Citizen, damage to the integrity of our State, and without regard for their own integrity.

The only question now remaining is whether or not those elected to represent the people of Texas in our Legislature will honor their Oath of Office. Will they prove themselves worthy of the trust the people of Texas have given them? Join me in this quest to find out.


There must be restitution when those who act in the name of the State violate god-given, inherent, inalienable Rights our Constitutions intended to secure for us. Two were considered so essential and fundamental they preceded the Bill of Rights. They can be found in ARTICLE 1, in Sections 9 & 10 of our US Constitution! They are the prohibition of ex-post facto laws (punishing for what was, at the time committed, an act permitted by law) and the prohibition against impairing the obligation of contracts. If these can be violated with impunity then we have lost our economic freedom. All who engage in free enterprise are now at risk!


Do our Legislators serve you, the public, the People of Texas? Every Legislator, and every member of their staffs, have been elected to perform the same primary purpose. The people of Texas, the Sovereign over the State, has made clear what they want from their Legislative Division of Government. That duty is stipulated simply in the Texas Constitution;

Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Constitution and Laws

of the United States and of this State.

Our film will document our request they honor their Oath, and document their verbal response, and more importantly, their actions in response. It will reveal how some elected, and their staff hired, to represent you choose to use their position solely for self serving purposes. They choose to serve only others employed in government in hope of advancing their own career. They do so without any regard to the costs to the private citizens whose taxes provide their income. They have no regard for their fiduciary duty to the people they are paid to serve. 

Honor means doing what your are paid to do. It means doing what is morally Right. Doing it even if it might hinder your career. It means doing it even if there would be no consequences for failing to do it.  You do it when it would be easy to not do it. But you know it is your duty and you know it is the Right thing to do. Those of high honor will do it even when it is hard or even if they may suffer retaliation by others for doing so. That is why we address those in some positions of public trust as “Your Honor” or “The Honorable”. It is because they have positions where force cannot be easily used against them if they refuse to do their duty to comply with the Constitutions and Laws that WE, THE PEOPLE OF TEX AS, established to bind them..

A culture of law imposes punishments for transgressors. By contrast a code of honor is required when transgressors cannot be easily punished. A Love of God and Humanity, a conscience, or a value for personal integrity, and concern for their reputation, is all that binds them to the Laws of God and the Laws of the People of Texas..

Honor Quest, when documented in a movie or TV series, will reveal who among our Legislators, and their staff, have honor. More importantly, it will reveal who does not. Who has taken positions of public trust so that they may take public funds while giving nothing in return to the people. Or worse, so that they may wage war against our founding principles and core values our Constitutions were established to preserve. The principles of Liberty and the Value of Justice for each, for all, and for posterity..

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