Obstruction of Justice


Every person employed at public expense on our Land of Texas is bound, by the Law of our Constitution, to the primary duty for which they are paid. That duty is found in Sect 1 of Article 16. It is a duty to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and Laws of the United States and of this State. Their refusal to acknowledge his actual innocence, and their questioning of the unquestionable, well established, facts, reveal their opposition to our Texas Constitution. It reveals their treason.

His quest is to secure honor from them. He wants them to honor their Oath. An Oath they have, pursuant to our Constitution, given to the people of Texas. If they have accepted a paycheck, or any form of remuneration from the public treasury, than they are bound by the oath they are required by the highest Law in our Land, the Law of our Texas Constitution, to have taken.

We will document providing them with sufficient information to eliminate any excuse of ignorance of the facts, or of incompetence due to an inferior education, for their lack of breach of trust the people of Texas, the Public, has given them.

Their fidelity is the question. Their honor is the question. Their integrity is the question. Have they earned what they have taken from the people of Texas, by accepting paychecks and benefits from the public treasury? Or have they, in effect, been committing theft with what they have taken?

Presumption of Innocence is a Natural Right

and a Right Jesus the Christ died to secure for all humanity

The presumption of innocence is a inherent, inalienable, god-given right of the individual. This presumption of innocence is the most basic foundation for a lawful society, a society based on law, And for an environment of Liberty.

Actual Guilt is not required for a conviction. Contrary to popular belief a criminal trial is not a question of guilt or innocence. It is a question of whether or not guilt, (meaning the violation of a law for which the State may impose penal sanctions) can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. It may be difficult for many to comprehend but when a person pleads guilty, or are found guilty by Judge or Jury, they simultaneously remain innocent. This is because a finding of not innocence it not required for the State to have secured it's privilege to impose penal sanctions on an individual.

Furthermore; the commission of a crime is, by the time of the trial, an event that happened in the past. The innocence of the person being judged for that law bared act, or law mandated act, exist in the present and their right to the presumption innocence for all future accusations remains. It is, as the founders said, a god-given, inherent, inalienable right and, as such, it cannot be fortified nor can any action by the government (the State), even if acting through a jury, can alienate (take from) a human person.

Those who are Christians understand this. The Christian religion is based on the belief that Jesus, convicted of a crime and executed, is innocent. Jesus preached the innocence of all, including those who had sinned in the past. The same principle can be found in the Old Testament.

Those who have taken an Oath of Office to preserve, protect, and defend our Constitutions and Laws must honor and respect the Right to the presumption of Innocence, and the obvious Right to Actual Innocence following an acquittal (a finding of not guilty) that logically, rationally, must flow from the god-given, inherent, Right of a presumption of innocence. A Right from which our government (the State) has been bared, by Constitutional Law written in plain language (requiring no 'interpretation' for understanding) from alienating (taking) from any individual.