Right to Restitution

The Right to Restitution 

The Right to Restitution is the Right our Quest seeks to secure Honor of. Texas Legislators serving in the Texas legislative session of 2017 have a sworn duty, imposed by Constitution mandated Oath of Office, to honor this Right. You may not see this Right in our US Constitution, or Texas Constitution. It is there but phrased a little differently. What is even more important is that it is unquestionably found in our Organic Law.

We will soon celebrate the document the 4th of July or, to be more exact, the signing of the very first law of our Nation. It is our Organic Law. It is the Law from which all other Laws on this land flow. It was passed by representatives from the several States who were authorized by We the People to act on our behalf. It was our First Congress of the New Nation established on that day in 1776.

Let’s celebrate that document by reading it again. Let’s celebrate that document by spending a little time to reflect on it’s words so that we can grasp a better understanding of them.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights….

NOTE: “self-evident truth”. Means no proof is required. One does not have to prove they Rights. By their mere existence a human person has Rights.

NOTE: “endowed by their creator”. These are Rights that do not come from humans, nor do they come from the Constitutions, or Law, or Judgments written by humans. Therefor a human person cannot be deprived of their Rights by what is written in a Constitution, other Law, or by how the words of these may be ‘interpreted’ by a human Judge or Judges.

NOTE: “unalienable”. Here, again, we see that a human person cannot be alienated, or in other word formally deprive of, certain Rights. Neither a Legislative body, nor a Judicial Panel, regardless of how official their acts might appear, can alienate a human person from the unalienable.

Government cannot alienate a human person from their Right to Restitution for damage caused by unlawful acts of the government. It is an unalienable Right. This right is the very essence of Liberty. Without it there is no Liberty. Without Restitution Liberty has been replaced by Tyranny. And Tyranny is the crime of Treason.

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